I talk a lot about myself and my process here. That’s because I believe that it’s unfair to ask you to trust me and to open yourself up during our work together if I don’t give something of myself. That, and I am a chatty person, it’s better you know that right off the bat!

Although photography technique is important and I have acquired it through training and experience, that is not what I rely most on when I work. I work from the gut. That being the case, the more I know about you, your couple, your family, the better my work will be. It is what will allow for more unique and emotional images, ones that will speak to you ten, twenty, fifty years from now. My hope is that my images will bring stories to mind to tell friends and family.

I like having a clear timeline before my shoot, knowing important details, but once I’ve started working, I am all about adapting. Adapting to you, the people around you, the weather. It is pointless to imagine having control over these elements, and in fact it would ruin a part of the spontaneity of our work, and your images. For engagement or family shoots, it is obviously possible to reschedule if we encounter big issues, but overall, I am prepared for almost anything!



How I work

Honest Openness

I have never been able to lie...I mean even as a child, everyone could tell before I even finished my sentence. I have accepted that I am always honest, sometimes it’s hard to hear, but it’s always what you need to hear. So even as your photographer, I will be open with you, and always honest. Be it pricing, deadlines, your choice of clothing for a shoot, my opinion on timeline, I am an open book! Most importantly, I am caring with my honesty, it’s about giving you the best experience and images.

Your Guide

My years of experience have brought me this far and I plan on sharing that knowledge with you. I consider that my role goes beyond being your photographer. I am also a guide, a counsellor even. I have been photographing weddings and families since 2014, and although it’s impossible to have seen it all, I have seen a lot! I can advise you on where to find nice accessories for your wedding, on how to schedule your event to ensure best lighting, on what to wear or games to plan for your family session. It’s about the whole package with me, it’s my pleasure!


I am all about emotions. The good, the bad, the ugly, seriously you haven’t seen my cry yet, it isn’t pretty! Speaking of, I may actually cry at your wedding or while photographing your child’s birth, not too worry I still manage to shoot right through the tears. All I ask if for you to trust me and trust that I will respect all of your emotions, and even love them. I am not forcing you to cry or anything in case you are getting scared, I just want you to feel comfortable with whatever comes. Big life events bring up old wounds, new joys, stress, and sometimes even anger. That’s all part of life and it’s alright if it’s part of our time together...I mean as long as you don’t hurt me!

Respect Nature

I am very concerned about how my life and my work affect the planet. Although it is impossible to have zero environmental impact, I believe we can all do the best we can. I have been very involved in reducing my consumption and limiting the waste I produce (Zero Waste movement) and I have been taking part of the Nothing New challenge for several years and I apply that to my work. I carry no judgement onto others, I simply live as it feels right to me! And no, I’m not perfect...I still eat meat, and I still have about 30 dresses in my closet! Ummm yes every girl needs that many, no?!

Long-term relationship

I am quite the faitful type. No, I am not giving myself compliments! I have always been very attached to my longstanding friendships, my family, my partners. I may have a little trouble letting go when things end, but that’s only because I so enjoy the time we spent together. This is also how I work. In my dreams, I imagine that all my clients because friends and ask me to photograph their families over decades. And the reality isn’t so different for me, as I have had the priviledge to photograph many of my clients over the years, for their engagements, weddings, pregnancy shoots, births, family photos. It is so rewarding to be able to follow along their life events, and help them keep precious memories alive.

Kind Words

Dagmara was absolutely wonderful! We were truly in awe when we received the pictures.

“She captured the best moments for the both of us of our engagement and engagement photos. She helped us with best time of day, locations, really took the time to sit, talk and get to know more. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to capture such a special time in our lives. Thank you again!”

- Justin & Julie

Our photos reflect our personality and Dagmara's talent. Don't change a thing, you're awesome!

“Dagmara is THE photographer to have at her wedding. Kind, patient, and funny. She has talent with a touch of madness. Our photos were simply sublime. Our guests loved her too!”

- Vanessa & Greg

With each photo, it is as if we are reliving our wedding and our loved ones feel the same way.

“Words cannot express our gratitude for the wonderful photos Dagmara took at our wedding. The love I have for my husband, that we have for our loved ones, our families, the moments of joy, of laughter, of emotion...Dagmara captured these moments with simplicity, spontaneity and aesthetics. Beyond that, she is a touching, sensitive, adorable person and I consider her now a friend!”

- Joana & Christophe

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