Artistic professions


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For official business or non-profit events, conferences, workshops, team-buildings, or Retirement and Holiday parties

For small fashion brands, shop openings, services expansion, showcase your work

For your team, artistic portfolio, or for your job search

Telling your professional story creatively, let your images speak for you!

I have been working with artists, businesses and non-profit organizations since 2014 and I particularly enjoy telling a story even with corporate events, or professionally oriented contexts. Just because it is serious business does not mean it shouldn't have vibrant imagery to attract your clients.

Before deciding to study and focus on photography as a career, I worked in various sectors, like banking, non-profit, and small businesses. Additionally, I spent many years in the dance world. These experiences have given me a good understanding of how various professions and sectors can be represented, and what is makes each different.

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