Birth Project

Documenting a birth in a maternity in Paris

A birth is a magical moment, the start of an incredible life, as much for the newborn child as for the parents. Parents are often well surrounded to prepare for their childbirth medically, but it is not so often that they think about the very experience of the moment of birth, the work of the mother, the accompaniment of the father, and the memories that will flow from it.

Parents often tell me that it happened very quickly, that their memory is fuzzy, that the order of events remains blurred. Fortunately, it is possible to have photos of your childbirth experience, delicate and aesthetic, but a true representation of your unique experience.


Childbirth photos of the little moments

See a human being born. Here is what I was able to do thanks to my lovely clients. Before living this experience, I was asking myself technical questions, how to properly prepare my equipment, how to explain the project to the maternity ward, how to work well with the midwife. I hadn’t really envisioned the deep and overwhelming experience that lay ahead.

It’s so nice to follow a couple from their wedding to their beginnings as a family…I felt very strong emotions at their side, love, anticipation, fatigue, stress, but in the end , pure happiness! I was completely dazzled by Carolina’s childbirth, Jean-Marie’s encouragement, the love transmitted by their looks, their little gestures throughout this adventure.

Welcoming a child is so beautiful, I still have tears in my eyes when I review the photos. The hours spent photographing the moments of energy, the quiet time, trying to capture the atmosphere, that’s the goal to tell the day at best.


Birth photos that resemble you

Whether in collaboration with a midwife for a home birth or in the maternity ward, this photo project is planned several months in advance. The most important thing is to meet the photographer to ask all the questions and explain your birth plan as well as discuss your desires for the photos of the birth. I talk a lot with my clients to get to know their history, their sensitivities, their insecurities. This is how I can tell a birth story that resembles you.

My role goes beyond the images, I also provide support and coordination with the midwife, the birth center, or the maternity ward, so that everything goes smoothly on the day and calmly prepare for the unexpected.

Pictures of the first meeting with your baby

How wonderful to have images of the first few seconds and minutes of your child’s life, the first kiss on their little hand, the first touch. These are memories as much for you, for your parents who also saw you when you were born, and of course for your children when they are older, to explain to them how a birth works, and to show the love you felt from the moment of your meeting.