Personal Projects

Born in Poland, raised in Canada, I grew up in a diverse context between Polish Quebec, and Anglo-Saxon cultures. This opened up other points of view regarding tradition, languages ​​and family values.  Long periods of hospitalization and bed rest in my childhood shaped my vision and allowed me to observe the world around me more closely. From that was born a desire to understand people, to get to the bottom of things, without being afraid of judgement.


From 2003 to 2009, the curiosity of the foreigner pushed me to study and work in many places, from Eastern Canada to Ecuador via Spain and Switzerland. I am interested in topics related to personal and cultural identity, migration, and the relationship to others. I tend to go towards people, inviting connection and self discovery.

Having initially studied in political science and sustainable development, I am also passionate about ecology. I am the co-founder of eco-guide Le cri du Zèbre, a project that encourages Parisians to discover eco-friendly activities in their city.


Photographe de portrait, événementiel, Paris et France entière

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