Paris Wedding Photographer

Weddings are a great act of love and patience in my eyes. A union of two families, generation before and to come, and all of this based on a couple who respects, loves, and believes in one another. How glorious is that?

Months of preparation, decisions, sometimes compromise, all culminating in one single day of celebration. And I get to see it all and make eternal images of that for you. I feel very blessed of that, so thank you! Although I am based as a Paris wedding photographer, I am also available to travel for your big day.

Every photographer is different, make sure you choose the one for you!

Before your wedding, I am all about having as much information about you and the day as possible. I like to be organized!

But, once I am at your wedding, I work with the moment, in a documentary style, capturing important moments, but also small moments that could easily be missed which make the day even more special.

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